A powder supplement that provides the antioxidant vitamin E , which supports cell regeneration during convalescence or contributes to optimal muscle and neurological mobility.

Suitable for : All horses and ponies , including young ones .


As an antioxidant that protects cellular lipids from oxidative damage , vitamin E is suitable for any horse in the growth phase or under increased load . It has beneficial effects on muscles , organs and the bloodstream . Due to its role in the functioning of the immune system , its administration is recommended for horses during periods of stress or illness .



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Load rate Daily dose
450 - 600 kg adult horse / pregnant mare 50 g
300 - 450 kg small horse / ponies / foals 25 g
up to 200 kg foals 25 g
200 - 350 kg years 25 g

Vitamin E Supplement

  • Substances contained % composition
    Vitamin E 2,250 mg