Nutritional supplement in the form of a syrup containing vitamin E, selenium and L-lysine. Indispensable in optimizing muscle metabolism and supplying muscle cells with oxygen.


Suitable for: Horses involved in competitions or training


VSL easy provision of nutritional needs of sport horses.


Vitamin E, selenium and lysine are essential nutrients for muscle development, performance and regeneration. Different types of food are deficient in these nutrients because they are consumed faster in the horse's body at higher loads. Hay has a naturally low content of these nutrients, so this deficiency is addressed by a diet with a higher proportion of cereals. Different volumes and quality of feed intake often lead to a lack of these nutrients in the diet of sport horses.


Breeding stallions and mares, horses in the fast-growing phase: VSL is an effective combination of antioxidants supplemented with a suitable content of lysine, which is a limiting amino acid needed for many functions in the horse's body, such as. calcium absorption, muscle development, hormone and antibody production.



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Load rate Daily dose
450 - 600 kg adult horse / pregnant mare 50 g
300 - 450 kg little horse / ponies 25 g
300 - 450 kg years 25 g

Do not exceed the stated amounts.

V.S.L. Powder

  • Substances contained

    % composition

    L-lysine hydrochloride

    2500 mg


    0.5 mg

    Vitamin E

    2250 mg