If your horse deserves nothing more than the best, Bridle Celebrity is the perfect choice! The bridle is handmade from the highest quality organic buffalo leather, so you get a bridle that you can use for many years.

The double bridle has a nape with an air tunnel, which minimizes pressure on the sensitive nape. It has a double layer of padding and is probably the finest nape in the world. The double layer of foam significantly reduces the pressure on the papule. The nape has a large contact area that helps minimize pressure on the nape of the neck.

The applicator is our distinctive design, which is so beautiful! The padding is so soft and the look of the applicator is stunning!


Supplied without weight.


Skin care: We recommend that you apply an oil / skin balm before first use. It will protect and keep the skin on your new SD❤ bridle


Material: Ecological leather. This means that no chemicals were used in the processing.

SD® Celebrity Crystal Rocks double bridle. Brown / Brown