Veterinary product for horses

The raw materials listed below are historically known and can be traced in the literature to serve to dampen the horse during increased stress. The herbal complex dampens the animal in cases where the animal is exposed to greater stress (transport, treatment, adaptation to a new environment, etc.).

Baikal cone - contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. Protects against oxidative stress. Contributes to normal mental activity. St. John's wort - is used to suppress nerve fatigue and stress. Maca - promotes better mental and physical performance and encourages motivation. Valerian - Helps maintain good cognitive function and well-being. It contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. It is recommended for use in restlessness, anxiety and nervousness. Ginseng - contributes to normal mental activity. It supports mental activity in stress, cognitive function, vitality and physical performance.

Ingredients : Invert fructose syrup, Baikal pine cone standardized extract, St. John's wort standardized extract, Maca standardized extract, Valerian medical standardized extract, Ginseng standardized extract, Vitamin C, Potassium sorbate

Instructions for use: Serve one hour before the desired sedation. Apply in one dose 15 ml for horses up to 250 kg, 30 ml for horses up to 500 kg. To increase the effect, the dose can be doubled.

Warning: Use according to the instructions for use. For animals only. Do not use in horses whose meat is intended for human consumption.

Shelf life: 30 months from the date of manufacture

Storage: Store in a dry place at room temperature. Protect from direct sunlight and frost. Keep out of reach of children and uninstructed persons.

Approval number: 154-16 / C

Approval holder:
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Stress Syrup