The SD headband is not "just" a headband, but a beautiful piece of jewelry for your horse. The headband is made of exclusive Stellux crystals from Austria. The designer is one of our CEOs / founders, Janne, who made these pieces by hand when she was a teenager, so these designs are truly unique to SD and have a very special place in her heart.


The headband is handmade from the highest quality ecological leather. It has such a beautiful and elegant design with small Austrian Stellux crystals. The headband is delivered in an SD box, so you always have a place to store it. We packed a polishing cloth for free, because it is important for us to be able to polish the crystals so that your headband looks completely new❤


Skin care: We recommend applying a little oil / balm to the headband before using it for the first time. This will protect and preserve the skin on your new SD❤ headband

Material: Ecological leather. This means that no chemicals were used in the tanning process.

SD Design Vivaldi Amethyst

SKU: R-923
Color: Black