Concentrated booster gel 30 ml with electrolytes and vitamins groups B, C and E. Quick replenishment of electrolytes during competition or after loss of sweating.

Suitable for: Sport and racing horses

Practical packaging of a concentrated and balanced nutritional supplement with added vitamins B, C and E, which help rehydration, increase appetite and contribute to regeneration after training, racing or transport. The product replenishes electrolytes excreted by sweating, balances the chemical composition of fluids in the horse's body and promotes water intake. Refuel Gel contains a liquid form of glucose that contributes to greater absorption of electrolytes and faster energy replenishment. Group B vitamins are necessary for protein metabolism and energy utilization. Thanks to their content, Refuel Gel helps to regenerate muscles and increase appetite. Vitamins C and E are part of the composition of Refuel Gel as effective antioxidants that help increase cell wall strength and muscle regeneration.


When administering electrolytes, horses should always have sufficient water available to ensure good rehydration.

Refuel Gel: The practical dosing syringe is easy to transport and allows accurate dosing.



Horse weight Dosage 
450 - 600 kg whole syringe 30 ml
300 - 450 kg 1/2 syringe 15 ml

We recommend serving after training, racing or transport.

Refuel Gel - booster 30ml

  • Substances contained

    % composition


    77 mg


    36 mg


    5,979 mg


    3 255 mg


    84 mg

    Vitamin B1

    23 mg

    Vitamin B12

    90 .g

    Vitamin B6

    8 mg

    Vitamin E

    416 mg