Liquid preparation for horses to break down lactic acid or for horses prone to stiffness and muscle pain - Tying Up .

Suitable for : Race and sport horses

Neutrolac liquid nutritional supplement is administered in the form of concentrate in small doses . It contains an effective alkalizer that neutralizes the effect of acids in the horse 's body . With regular administration , Neutrolac neutralizes the lactic acid that is formed in the muscles during exercise , thus preventing muscle stiffness .

By administering Neutrolac an hour before a heavy load , excessive lactic acid production in the muscles can be prevented and muscle fatigue can be prevented . Neutrolac can also be given immediately after training or racing , so that the muscles regenerate more quickly after a demanding exercise , because Neutrolac neutralizes lactic acid and promotes the horse's desire to drink .

Horses prone to muscle stiffness will also benefit from a regular supply of electrolytes and antioxidants .



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Daily dose
450 - 600 kg 30 ml
300 - 450 kg 30 ml

Do not exceed the stated amounts.


  • Substances contained % composition
    Sodium citrate 8,400 mg