A soothing nutritional supplement containing magnesium and L-tryptophan designed for nervous or stressed horses. Syrup that accelerates regeneration and contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous system, psyche, fatigue and exhaustion.

Suitable for: All horses prone to nervousness

This soothing syrup contains magnesium and L-tryptophan, which soothes horses prone to nervousness without causing drowsiness. Magnesium is needed to relax muscles, regulate heart rhythm and transmission of nerve impulses. In nervous horses, the energy "consumed for nervousness" can consume a supply of magnesium in the body, and therefore magnesium supplementation is beneficial for such horses. L-tryptophan is an essential amino acid needed to make neurotransmitters that are needed for normal brain function.

Nutri-calm syrup is an excellent supplement to calm horses in various situations, increase their concentration during sports performance, reduce travel stress, relax at shows, easier control, preparation for sale and improved breathing. You will get the best results with regular administration.

Serve 1-2 hours before training, competitions, races or transport.


Nutri-calm Syrup: Larger package of the supplement intended for regular use.




Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Daily dose
450 - 600 kg 50 ml
300 - 450 kg 25 ml

For best results, start serving 7-10 days before the race or competition.


  • Substances contained

    % composition


    100 mg

    Kys. nicotine

    100 mg


    2,000 mg

    Vitamin B1

    150 mg

    Vitamin B12

    130 .g

    Vitamin B6

    50 mg