A tasty liquid mixture of amino acids, antioxidants and B vitamins to support muscle growth and healthy muscle cell development.
Suitable for: All young horses, preparation for sale, breeding mares and stallions or for horses with problematic musculature
Muscle Max is a tasty liquid nutritional supplement containing L-lysine, vitamin E, selenium and B vitamins, which help build muscle, especially in young or weak horses. L-lysine is an essential amino acid needed for bone and muscle development. Vitamin E and selenium are effective antioxidants that ensure the integrity of cell tissues. B vitamins are needed for optimal use of protein and energy in the horse's body.
Muscle Max is beneficial for both young and ready-to-sell horses because it contributes to the overall good condition of their muscles. Breeding stallions and mares have an increased need for antioxidants that support their fertility. Muscle Max contains a large amount of antioxidants, but also B vitamins that support the use of energy and the amino acid lysine, which is an essential component of breast milk.



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Daily dose Load rate
450 - 600 kg 50 ml mares, stallions, racing, parkour, polo
300 - 450 kg 50 ml mares, stallions, racing, parkour, polo
200 - 350 kg 25 ml years

Do not exceed the stated amounts.

Muscle Max

  • Substances contained

    % composition

    L-lysine hydrochloride

    3,500 mg


    500 mg

    Vitamin B1

    15 mg

    Vitamin B12

    200 .g

    Vitamin B2

    8 mg

    Vitamin B6

    15 mg

    Vitamin E

    2,250 mg