If you love glitter as much as we do and you want a bridle designed with an emphasis on anatomy, Bridle Celebrity is the perfect choice!


The SD Celebrity bridle has our new specially designed Air Tunnel neckband. The air tunnel is located just above the nape of the neck and helps reduce pressure on the sensitive neck. In addition, this new tanker has a large contact area that minimizes pressure. We also made the padding twice as thick as normal to significantly reduce the pressure. We fell in love with this new napkin design because it relieves the horse's neck of pressure. The bridle is handmade from absolutely top ecological buffalo leather, so for the price you get so much quality and a bridle that you can use for many years. The applicator does not need to be introduced for a long time! Decorated with the most amazing tiny crystal stones makes it magnificent! It is 5 cm wide in the middle of the applicator and only 3 cm at the sides.


Supplied without weight.


Skin care: We recommend that you apply an oil / skin balm before first use. It will protect and keep the skin on your new SD❤ bridle


Material: Ecological leather. This means that no chemicals were used in the processing.

SD® Celebrity Bridle Crystal Rocks. Black / White