A tasty natural syrup containing a special blend of honey , vitamin C and herbal extracts that relax the airways and support their healthy function . Ideal for cough and cold prevention .

Suitable for : All horses , including foals and ponies

It contains honey , which is traditionally used to relax the airways , and extracts from herbs that support their healthy function , such as thyme , cider and licorice . The mixture supplements vitamin C, which is beneficial for horses , especially in times of stress or illness . Vitamin C is also essential for maintaining a healthy immune system and promoting healing .



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Daily dose 
over 450 kg

serve 3 times a day

60 ml
250 - 450 kg serve 3 times a day 45 ml
up to 250 kg serve 3 times a day 30 ml

Honey + C

    Substances contained % composition
    Vitamin C 1080 mg