Iron syrup with B vitamins and copper to support the formation of red blood cells or to improve the blood count of the horse.

Suitable for: Sport horses and all horses and ponies showing anemia due to iron deficiency.

Concentrated syrup replenishes iron in the horse's body and also contains B vitamins and copper, which are needed to make red blood cells and ensure a sufficient volume of blood in the horse's body.

Feratone contains a high concentration of iron in an easily absorbable and accessible form for horses. Increased athletic performance, post-disease recovery, pregnancy, breastfeeding and rapid growth stages in horses often require a greater dietary iron intake. The ideal composition of Feratone covers this increased need for iron.

Iron supplementation can improve the performance of horses that do not show satisfactory results in competitions.

* Iron deficiency anemia can be treated with Feratone. It is recommended to be administered for 2-4 weeks or as directed by a veterinarian.



Add daily to the ration.

Horse weight  Daily dose
450 - 600 kg adult horse / pregnant mare 30 ml
up to 200 kg foals 15 ml
200 - 350 kg years 30 ml

Do not exceed the stated amounts.

Feratone Syrup

  • Contained substances

    % composition


    1.5 mg

    Folic acid

    15 mg


    50 mg

    Vitamin B1

    40 mg

    Vitamin B12

    100 µg

    Vitamin B2

    25 mg

    Vitamin B6

    15 mg


    180 mg