Natural copper supplement supplemented with vitamin E, manganese, biotin and vitamin B12.


Suitable for: All horses and ponies, especially mares and foals.

Copper is beneficial to mares and foals in many ways. Copper deficiency can be caused by an unbalanced diet, high levels of molybdenum in the feed or changes in grazing. Copper affects the fertility of mares, the elasticity of tissues and the condition of the skin. Foals and growth horses need enough copper to properly develop bone structure. With regular replenishment, copper has the greatest effects in combating orthopedic developmental defects when presented to mares from late pregnancy and foal up to 12 months of age.

Horses involved in competitions or training:

As bone is a dynamic building block of the body, it is necessary to ensure a sufficient supply of copper throughout the horse's life. This helps maintain the elasticity of tissues (including heart tissue) and is therefore essential for sport horses.

Show horses and preparation for sale :

Copper improves the appearance of skin and fur. When used in combination with Kentucky Karron Oil, the result will be a naturally shiny and deeply colored coat.


Before long-term administration of this product, we recommend that you first seek the consent of a veterinarian.



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Dose for 1-2 days
450 - 600 kg adult horse 30 ml
up to 200 kg foals 10 ml
200 - 350 kg years 15 ml

Do not exceed the stated amounts.


  • Substances contained

    % composition


    200 mg

    Chelated copper

    200 mg

    Chelated manganese

    100 mg

    Vitamin B12

    30 .g

    Vitamin E

    500 mg