Nutritional supplement in the form of syrup. Ensuring a balanced ratio of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to comprehensively cover the daily dose of the horse's needs.

Suitable for: All horses and ponies, especially sport horses and horses in convalescence after illness.

An ideal supplement to increase nutrient intake in sport horses. Horses involved in racing, competitions or training have an increased need for nutrients and a properly balanced diet with increased content of vitamins and minerals is essential. Stress is a natural response to increased stress, travel, competitions or racing. Stress adversely affects appetite and reduces essential nutrients, so there's Chevinal, which supplements the necessary nutrients. Convalescence is just as important. Nutrient supplementation helps muscle regeneration, restore fitness and maintain the overall functioning of the immune system. Chevinal can be given to horses in the recovery phase after illness, when they may not have a very appetite. As with stress, there is also a reduction in appetite in diseases and the need for a supplement​​ to balance. Chevinal syrup is a simple means of ensuring regeneration. It is a suitable supplement to any diet. It is a suitable nutritional supplement for any diet or source of nutrient supplementation with reduced dietary intake. Chevinal can be used as needed to balance a diet based on hay or concentrates.



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Load rate Daily dose
450 - 600 kg tall mare 50 ml
300 - 450 kg tall mare 50 ml
450 - 600 kg rest or low 25 ml
300 - 450 kg rest or low 25 ml


  • Substances contained

    % composition


    1 mg


    400 mg

    Choline Chloride

    200 mg


    1 mg


    1 mg

    Kys. nicotine

    60 mg

    L-lysine hydrochloride

    500 mg


    200 mg


    70 mg


    0.35 mg

    Vitamin A

    30,000 IU

    Vitamin B1

    50 mg

    Vitamin B12

    80 .g

    Vitamin B2

    20 mg

    Vitamin B5

    100 mg

    Vitamin B6

    20 mg

    Vitamin B9

    25 mg

    Vitamin D3

    4500 IU

    Vitamin E

    850 mg

    Vitamin K

    5 mg


    250 mg


    80 mg