Supplement containing calcium, phosphorus, MSM, amino acids, copper and vitamin E to support optimal growth and development of healthy bones.

Suitable for: Young horses, pregnant or lactating mares.

Cal-Gro provides the essential elements calcium and phosphorus in an ideal 2: 1 ratio; these elements are necessary for healthy bone growth in young horses. The development of the horse's skeleton occurs in the first two years of its life, and it is therefore very important to ensure the highest possible bone density during this period. Cal-Gro also contains MSM, magnesium, copper and zinc, which are necessary for the healthy growth and development of cartilage. Lysine is a limiting essential amino acid necessary for bone growth that is present in breast milk.

Cal-Gro also contains lysine to support bone growth in low-protein diets or limited grazing access. Cal-Gro is also a component of Cal-Gro, which contributes to the strength of bones, joints, tendons and ligaments. Cal-Gro nutritional supplement contains all the essential nutrients needed for optimal development of horses' bones and joints during the stages of their rapid growth.

During daily administration to mares in the late stages of pregnancy or lactating mares, the supply of nutrients to the foal is ensured. When continuously administered to weaners until the end of their skeletal development, this product contributes to ensuring strong bones and healthy joints.



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Load rate Daily dose
450 - 600 kg pregnant or lactating mares 150 g
200 - 450 kg yearbooks / biennials 100 g
up to 200 kg foals 100 g


  • Substances contained

    % composition


    1,500 mg


    9,000 mg


    3,000 mg


    1,900 mg

    L-lysine hydrochloride

    12,000 mg


    250 mg


    200 mg


    1,500 mg


    18,000 mg

    Vitamin E

    1,000 mg


    500 mg