Effective soothing airway syrup with expectorant effect . _ _

Suitable for : All horses and ponies except pregnant or lactating mares .


The composition of Breatheze syrup was created to provide cough relief and reduce mucus production in the airways . The combination of potassium iodide , which has an expectorant function reducing the consistency of mucus , and carefully selected active ingredients, incl . eucalyptus oil , which relaxes and calms the airways .

Warning : Land 7 days before the competition .

The product is not intended for pregnant or lactating mares



Add daily to the ration

Horse weight Dosage 
over 300 kg serve twice a day 100 ml
up to 300 kg serve twice a day 50 ml


  • Contained substances

    % composition

    Anise oil

    50 mg

    Eucalyptus oil

    150 mg

    Sodium iodide

    500 mg

    Mint oil

    250 mg