GUMP - unique natural preparations for dogs that help

When your dog is not well and in pain, you suffer with them. You will do anything to save them. Because they saved you every day until now. Not all dogs are lucky enough to have a human standing by their side. With Gump you can treat your dog and at the same time support the care of abused and unwanted dogs.


  1. Products with Gump's name for joint pain, oncological diseases, lack of vitality and immunity, complications after surgeries and treatment of injuries were used for several months by hundreds of neglected, injured and seriously ill dogs from shelters and temporary homes. They made it with Gump and many literally came back to life and could start looking for a new home.

  2. Gump draws attention to the plight of abandoned and abused dogs. By purchasing each preparation, you will donate 100 CZK (€4) to a shelter or rescue organization.

  3. GUMP is a project that uses all the money earned from the book, song and all other products where it is most needed. To rescue dogs abandoned by the world. For the most expensive veterinary operations. For high-end treatment and to help with the liquidation of breeding facilities.